Hi there, thanks for checking out my site.   A bit about me: I freelance for publications such as Vulture, Fast Company, Outside, Men’s Journal, Glamour, Newsday, NY Daily News, iVillage and AMCtv.com.

I write about movies, television, viral video sensations and banh mi espionage. I’m awed by creative minds and crazy talent, and I have an obsessive desire to talk with folks who produce the things that keep me entertained and preoccupied. I'm also just drawn to people with stories to tell.

I live in Brooklyn but grew up in Seattle by way of Seoul, the Bronx and the Bay Area. After graduating from Cornell University in 2000 as an English major, I moved to NYC to work for CBS News Productions, producing documentaries for networks like A&E and The History Channel. (All those hours of logging tapes paid off with this gem.) I’ve also worked on staff at amNewYork, where I learned the art of writing stories in 250 words or less. Reach me at minahochberg@gmail.com.